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Beyond the clocktower

One boy’s longing for adventure leads him BEYOND the BIG city and into the unknown.

What happens next?

Join him and find out!

Beyond the Clocktower cover


Beyond the Clocktower cover

     Deep in the heart of the BIG city, there lives a boy. Concerned that he will never leave the city, the boy asks his friend, the Clocktower, what lies outside the city limits. But the Clocktower has never left either, and instead tells the boy to return at midnight and follow the moon to where the sky touches the sea. And as the clock strikes midnight, the boy follows the moon, alone, through the empty city streets.

     The boy is guided by the moon, the sun, the cloud, the forest, the fire, and the river on an epic adventure. Along the journey, he learns about life, love, happiness, sadness, and bravery. He learns about the Earth and himself, emerging with a new understanding of interconnectedness and a  new appreciation for ‘home’.


Nick Simon, Author

     Nick is a student of the Earth and its various teachers. His inspiration for this story came from many hours spent in nature and many more reading the works of the world’s great spiritual teachers.  He hopes that his child-like appreciation for the Earth and its processes is received by other child-like minds across the world. He hopes, also, that this story inspires those who find it to protect and serve our beautiful planet and seek to listen to its many deep teachings.


Pasang Lama, Illustrator

   Pasang is the founder and creative director at Imagine Art Design, based in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He specializes in Concept and 3-D art, though he also works with watercolor, acrylic, digital art, photography and more.

     To see more of Pasang’s work, click here.


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